Help me with my design

hey has anyone got any detail or tips on how to curve the slightly bent line following the shape of the semi-circle cut out tubes, I need to connect it all but I am struggling to do so, thank you

See this SU file for ideas.

Semi circle face with a curved path.skp (142.8 KB)

If it is not what you want to do, can you post your skp file ?

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You can use the follow me tool by drawing a path using an arc of a circle. Otherwise you can draw your straight shape and then fold it.

In this discussion I put the link of a tutorial to bend any shape with TRUEBEND plugin:

here animated gif only of TRUDEND plugin :

how did you paste back the deleted face

He hid the face to be able to work inside then unhid it when done.

To hide: Right click on the face to bring a contextual menu then click on Hide.

To reveal or unhide: Edit Menu → Unhide → All (or Last).

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