How Do I Do This? (Move/Array?)

In a model of a workbench I want to draw 3 rows of dog holes on 4" centers. Rows are 6" apart. I’ve drawn center lines in appropriate places and marked starting points in each center line.

I need draw 3/4" diameter circles and extrude then from the top surface through the bottom surface … that’s 33 circles and 33 extrusions. Is there a way to do this using the replication (or is it called the ‘array’) function associated with the move tool? I’d like to be able to draw the first hole in each row, extrude it, then copy it with an interval of 4" and a count of 10 replications (11 total holes per row). In trying to do this, I haven’t found a way to select the cylinder in order invoke Move. If I cannot select it, I can’t use Move and if I can’t use Move then I cannot make the array.

Am I trying to use the tool wrong? Or, is there some other concept that I do not understand?

If this technique can be applied, I need to be told how to select the dog hole. If there is a better technique, I’d be much obliged for any help anyone can provide.


How have you drawn the workbench top? As a single entity?

There are a couple of approaches you could use. If the top is drawn as a single entity, I would start with the bottom face. Lay the first hole out, select its face (but not the edge) and delete it. Then copy the hole in one direction (4" centers, maybe) and then copy that row of holes to make an array on 6 in. centers. Then use Push/Pull to extrude the top to thickness leaving you with the holes.

If you want to share you bench model, I could demonstrate.

Basically it’s the same I described here.

Here you go, Dave!

This is a small workbench designed to be portable, therefore it knocks down into 6 pieces and a few draw pins.

As you can see, I’ve completed the drawing; but the dog holes need to be redone. To the right, there is a top drawn with dog holes drawn at the beginning of each row, l to r. At the far right was my beginning attempt to start with a flat plane, fill in the array of 3/4" circles, then extrude the top to depth. I would appreciate any tips.

I’ve not yet read the article you posted a link for but will do so shortly.


WB for Sharing.skp (957.8 KB)

What are you doing right now? Should we look at it together?

Sure, but you’ll need to coach me.

Check your PMs.