Punching multiple identical holes

I have drawn a workbench, but it has multiple 3/4" holes punch through, I did layout the holes using arrays but pushing through the holes, double cliping 97 times was a bit of a pain, is it easier to get 98 holes in a bench? I’ve attached my 3D warehouse upload. Any help would be appreciated.

The link to your model doesn’t appear to have worked. I assume it’s dog holes you are trying to create. If the bench top is a solid component/group, you could make a solid component/group of cylinders representing the holes and use them to drill the holes with the Solid Tools. If the top is something like an MFT, you could use a different workflow. Start with a 2D rectangle for the bench top, draw a circle for the first hole and delete the face inside the circle. Then copy the circle to make your array and finally use Push/Pull to extrude the face to the thickness of the top.

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So I “built” my bench backwards, making a 3D and putting in holes, I should drawing it 2D, punch holes then pulling up to 3D. Thanks

Well, sometimes it’s easier to do it in the order you’d do it in the shop, sometimes it’s easier to start with the holes and make a workbench top around them. Kind of depends on what else you need to do to the thing.

I never did find your workbench model when I looked in the Warehouse.

I’m only loading this so I can figure out this form.

UPGB.skp (962.8 KB)

That worked.

FWIW I would definitely make the holes while the top was 2D and then extrude for that model. You could model the rectangular through hole while it’s 2D also. Added the rectangular recesses after it’s 3D, though.

Do you have one of those centipede’s already? Is it stiff enough when it is set up?

Yes I have the centipede already, it is rated at 1 Ton. I built this in early December so it has only gotten a little use. I had it loaded with a big stack of pine I was running through the jointer and planer. It’s a solid set up. Build video is on Frank’s page (@carpenterone3) on Instagram.

I drew the bench for my short end table saw stand, so I have an outfeed for the Table Saw. Quick and easy pop-up-shop I hope to put to work next week.

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