How do I create a "solid" model to 3D print when I get thousands of bad edges?

How do I create a “solid” model to 3D print when I get thousands of bad edges?

Not much to go on, there. You need to provide us with some useful information. Share your .skp file so we can see what you’ve modeled.

Tried but there is no logical path to upload my model

Yes there is. Download it to your computer from the menu at the top left. Then drag and drop the file into a reply in this thread.

nightmare.skp (2.7 MB)

Did that work?

It uploaded.

Your profile says you are using SketchUp Shop so you should have access to Solid Inspector. You can track down the problems with it. For example…

There’s more but I think that should give you some ideas.

With a model like this I would do the modeling with units set to Meters and treat inches as meters. That will help to prevent problems with tiny faces that result in gaps and surface borders.

I did try to use the inspector , thats how I got the thousands of errors

What I need to learn is how to fix the errors

What would happen if I tried to 3D print the model as is?

How do I change to meters?

Depends on your Slicer software. Since the errors are mostly small, it might fill in the gaps (mine did with one part that had small open surface borders). But better to learn to model accurately.

Solid Inspector can fix stray edges (let it), but not Surface Border problems - those you have to fix manually, and as @DaveR suggested, drawing using metres instead of millimetres or inches can make things easier.

Go to Model Info (the i in a circle icon) and select 0.0m. Then the precision you want - like this:

Thank you all for the help!

Sorry. I got called away. Maybe John has you sorted out. As he said, let Solid Inspector fix the things it can. The surface borders will be things like this (and sometimes much smaller) and you’ll have to make the decisions about how to close up those holes.

Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, your smarts are still required to make the model print the way you want it to.

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