How do I create a polygon with segment length "x"?


There’s got to be an easy way to do this, but I can’t find it!
I want to draw a polygon with 6 sides. I want each of the 6 segments to be length “x”.
I can select the hexagon and pull up the Entity window. It allows me to change the number of sides and the radius, but not the length. (I can highlight the number in the length box, but I am unable to change it)

I looked through all the questions about polygons and couldn’t find the answer. Your help is greatly appreciated! Geez, I’ve been using SU for years. I thought I was smarter than this!



one way



If I remember my geometry lessons from way back when, the radius will be the same as one of the sides of a hexagon.


I switched the category of this thread to “SketchUp” as it doesn’t contain a tutorial.

You can use the Tape Measure tool. Use it to measure the length of one of your polygon segments. Immediately type the length you want it to be. SketchUp prompts you to approve of the resizing of the model. If you don’t want your whole model to be resized, group your polygon and use the tool inside the group’s context.


For a regular hexagon, Box’s method is the most direct. After all, a hexagon can be made of six equilateral triangles. Basic geometry. For other polygons, setting the length of the side with the Tape Measure tool is easiest.


What Box says seems to be correct. If you choose the polygon tool, type 6 Enter to get six sides, click and drag any amount, then type your x value, Enter. You will have all six sides be that length.