How do I copy view ports

How do copy the view port and then change the scene.
Thank you, Steve

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Looks like you’ve copied one already. Either right click on a viewport and choose Copy, the right click and choose Paste followed by moving the pasted copy. (In LayOut Paste is really Paste in Pcace.) Or hold Ctrl while dragging a copy of the viewport.

You’ll need to reset the Camera properties in the SketchUp Model panel to get the new viewport to show the desired scene.

Select viewport then Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V

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Why am I always having so much trouble getting the scenes that I need. It stays stuck on the first scene that I import and will not change???

I was going to try the “You’ll need to reset the Camera properties in the SketchUp Model panel to get the new viewport to show the desired scene.” but how do you do that???

Generally that’s because you’ve modified the Camera properties in the viewport. Any scene properties you modify in a viewport override the scene properties in the SketchUp model even if you select a different scene. In order to get the scene properties for the selected scene to show in the viewport you need to get rid of your overrides by clicking on the appropriate Reset button in the SketchUp Model panel in LayOut.

Go to the SketchUp Model panel in LayOut and click on the Reset button.

Best practice in almost every case is to avoid modifying the Camera properties inLayOut. Use the Camera properties from the scenes you created. This will save you a ton of headaches.

I have not touched any of the camera properties in the viewport.

Once I place a scene in a viewport, then make another viewport and go to scenes in the layout menu some of my scenes do not show up.

And when I am in a viewport and go to change that scene to another scene that does show up in the menu the scene does not change. For example, last night I had a west elevation scene in one viewport. I copied that scene and moved it down (which is problematic in itself). When in the second port and selecting the scene for the east elevation, it does not change but stays on the west elevation.

Even trying to copy and move a viewport in order to create another viewport does not seem to work most of the time. Maybe there is some step that I am missing. I know that when these guys on YouTube think they are showing you how to do something they actually show it in a way that one must already know how to do it. They move so fast and don’t really show or explain every step in a process to do a task.

To save time and keep things moving I will suggest you attach your Layout file for Dave to look at when he gets here.

There’s a hitch in your giddyup somewhere. As Box said, share the LO file. It should be easy enough to get it sorted. Add your working .skp file as well.

When watching a Youtube video it is hard to catch all the steps. Go to the settings menu (the gear shaped icon) and slooow down the playback speed. That helps me a lot.

Are you making scenes in Sketchup, saving the file and then updating the link in Layout?