How do I close this elongated arc?

How do I close it, Any suggestions? I have upload the file.
Attitude 04.skp (1.9 MB)

What do you mean by “close it”? Do you want it to appear as a solid curved block? If so, the easiest thing to do is redraw it. You’d spend too much time trying to modify what you’ve already drawn.

Hello Dave
Redraw how?
If I make a solid curved block, I have problems to make round corners.
If You have any suggestions, You´r welcome…


How did you get all the rounded edges in the the model you posted? You might be able to use the same process.

I used Fredo’s Round Corner in this example. You can get it from the Sketchucation Plugin Store.

Hi Dave,
I have tried to use it, to complicated.
See this short video, I have done it, as he, but to the end, he is closing the the top.


Round Corner is too complicated?

Sorry, I don´t get it right…

There are instructions at Sketchucation.

Before starting the tool, triple click on the shape to select all of its edges. Then start the tool, click on the Offset number and set it to the radius of the roundover you want to create. Then move the cursor out into the model space so you see the green check mark. Click on the check mark.

Hi Dave,
Now I got it to work, thanks to your short description, -Great, thanks!

May I ask you also about how to make the milled patterns in the kitchen door?
Do you have suggestions on where I can learn about how to do?


Milled patterns? Can you show an example image of what you’re trying to do?

Should I start working inside out, building it up with blocks…?

You could do it several ways. You could draw a cross section of the door and use Follow Me around a rectangular path or you could start with a slab door and use a combination of Offset and Push/Pull to create the various depths. Do you have to round over the edges or is it enough to just show the recesses?

It is the Offset and Push/Pull I think I will need to use, but I am not sure how to get the various depths. Just to show the recesses. How to draw a deep “lines” that starts and end before the edge.

Draw the door as a slab. Basically just a thin box. Use Offset from the outside edges toward the middle. to make sets of edges. If this were the end of a cylinder you would have concentric rings. Then use Push/Pull to push in the faces to provide the stepped profile.

Thank You Dave, for Your kindness and help, -sorry to say, but I have to quit now!
I have to pick up my wife…can´t be late :wink:



Probably a good decision. :wink: