How do I change the scale of an outer glass casing, without affecting the thickness of the casing’s wall?

Hi there, first time poster and relatively new to sketchup. I am trying to work on models of square cases with various complexities and details to them.

I often run into the issue of having a general, cookie cutter, base model that can literally be copy and pasted to scale up or down to various sizes.

The problem is keeping the width of the case walls at a consistent width.

To illustrate my problem, I’ve added a sample mock-up + images. Here I have a 3’x3’ red square with a 5 sided glass case around it. The glass wall thickness is 1/4”. If I group the case or select all walls and scale it up or down (up to 4’x4’ or down 2’x2’) the 1/4” thickness of the blue glass walls scales up or down with it.

Any advice how I can quicken my workflow to scale the glass without compromising / changing the 1/4” thickness — and not have to change the dimensions individually (which is very time consuming)?

Thank you for your help!

There are several ‘stretching’ extensions available. One of the better ones, although not free, is part of Fredo’s Fredoscale toolset.


Dynamic components are another route.

A free option would be Tak2hata’s Stretch By Area


That’s what I use quite a lot. Of course, if all the raw geometry is at the same context level, you don’t even need a plugin. Just enter that group context, do a selection like that and use the move tool. Stretch by Area has been a godsend for nested groups and selections of raw geometry inside multiple groups.

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You can also use the move tool.

Select a wall and then move it to extend the case.

Thank you. This is the solution I ultimately went with, and first extension I’ve installed. Saving me a ton of time :slight_smile:

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I am not familiar with this, but will look into it. Thank you

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