How do I change the measurements of a component?◘

Grundrahmen.skp (428.1 KB)

Good morning everybody. This component is measured in inches, I would like to know how I can change it to millimeters.

What do you mean? In your model you already have units set to millimeters.
Screenshot - 6_6_2024 , 6_32_58 AM

Hello friend, thank you. But what I need is to edit the component. In this case, this component was created in Inches, and I would like to change the component to millimeters, as shown in the image. I tried to edit the component, but I didn’t find any specific field where I could change from Inches to Millimeters.

Edit the LenX and LenY attributes to display in millimeters.

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One question @DaveR are your images from SketchUp 2024? I’m having problems with Component Options in sketchUp 2024, I watch the window but there is no data in it. Hoever I have no problem in SketchUp 2023.

Thank you very much. Exploring the component, I discovered that I can change everything, including the label language. Have a good day.

Yes. That’s in SketchUp 2024.

Make sure you have the latest version of the Dynamic Components extension installed.

You’re quite welcome. And yse, there’s a lot you can do. Maybe change the LenX and LenY labels to something that means more relative to the object. Maybe Width and Length.

Yes, there’s no update avaliable

I’m having problems in windows and mac. Do you know if the problem could be the language?

I guess I don’t know what the problem is. Maybe @colin has some insight.

What I wrote in this message is still the same in 2024:

If you select a component and open the two windows, you won’t see the problem for the rest of that session. If you open both windows before selecting a component, you will see the problem for the rest of that session. When you saw it work in 2023 and not in 2024, you had done different steps.


@DanRathbun came up with a patch a while back: