How do I build this curve?



I have to create 3d medel about sky train Please Help How I can build This one Thank You


I think you need to be more specific. Do you have to make a model of the train itself? Or do you have to model the support piers and the track? The image in your post suggests you have to model the track, not the train.


sorry it’s my mistake i don’t know how to build the curve radius at the corner of the pier like in the picture Please help :sob: :sob: :sob:


How about this?



One suggestion: Draw the pier with sharp corners and edges. Then use a plugin called Round Corners, which will do the rounding for you.
Hope this helps.


Personally I would make the quarter a component, then copy, use “scale” by -1 to flip it, then select both, copy and flip by -1 again. Then just hide the joining lines.
This way I just need to change one and it gets replicated at each quadrant.

I think you will find that the “follow me” tool is just as quick as the plugin in this particular case.


Big Thank, it going to be done :slight_smile:


Very big Thank You i have done with your advised :smile: