How do I bend these hexagonal shape component throughout the interior wall of this flower shaped component?

I imported both of these components from the 3d warehouse. I want the hexagons to be stuck onto the interior walls of the flower component. Is there a way to bend those hexagons following the interior curved shape of the flower? I tried using flowify but i couldn’t make it work. Please anyone i need help asap.

need help.skp (8.1 MB)

You can use Flowify (but scale up your model by 100x or more)

a simplified model for testing

I meant i wanted the hexagons to be like this on the wall. The flower shape component is a structure where there will be those hexagonal fixture lights on the interior walls of the flower.And i only want the middle portion of the wall to have these fixtures, not the entire wall. Is there a way i could do this? I really appreciate the help.

You can make it in the desired shape

Depending on the final desired result, if it is for rendering, it is possible and probably simpler to create the PBR texture, with bump, displacement, emissive and all other necessary textures and to create only a simple shape over which you apply the material.

Could you do a step by step tutorial of using flowify and how u got to that end results that i want? Im not too familiar with flowify. I tried watching tutorials but i still dont know what im doing wrong.

I also kept the errors in the video so that you can learn how to solve them

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