How do I add a spotlight in sketchup for web

Hi. I need to add spotlights in my model. Im using pro web based version. MacOS big sur Macbook Pro. Is this possible?

There are tricks that ought to work for the web version. See if some of this video gives you ideas.

Thanks. It looks like if Im using sketchup go (web version) I will need to use 3rd party software to render a light? Ive been using the web version for about six months and have created an interior space with a TV. I would like to have the light from the tv lighten up my created space. Do you have any recommendations on how to pull this off?

Have you decided how you want to proceed?

Do you go for the option that Colin showed you through the YouTube tutorial and will you work in SketchUp Free / Go (web) or did you look for the option of using a 3rd party software to render?

If you chose the first option, then, depending on which version of SketchUp you use, Free or Go, you may need to directly create your textures in a graphics program (GIMP, Affinity Photo, Photoshop) and import them, without being able to edit them (in Free) or you can edit them a little (in Go).

In the animated gif you see the version in SketchUp Go


If you have decided to use 3rd party software, then depending on the rendering program you have chosen to use, search Google for a tutorial to learn from.

This images are created with SketchUp (desktop) + V-Ray

without effect

with effect