How do I access Sketchup "Go"?

can anybody help me to access Sketchup Go? I had done some work on S-free which expired a few days ago. Paid a subscription for “Go”, received an order confirmation and the billing receipt by mail, but no access code or instruction on how to proceed (neither in spam). In my Trimble account, under “my products” I see only Sketchup Free; under “Plan settings” both items (“Free”, expired and “Go”, active since July 9th). Any hint on how I get started using my “Go” license???

At the moment your Go subscription hasn’t been assigned to anyone. Sign into this page:

Look in the Members section, and add a member. Assign the seat to your dotmac email address, assuming that’s what you prefer to use.

Thank you so much, Colin! This did it. I wonder though, why this (actually simple ) procedure can’t be found anywhere - this does not seem to be one of Trimble’s strengths - I spent 3 days searching around until I had your advice …

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That setting is usually on by default. If you signed up via Apple it may make a difference. I will forewarn support about that, though by now they may have had cases already.