How do create surfaces on irregular spheres?

I can draw a sphere and resize it, but that does not solve the problem of creating a rounded surface for two semi circles with different dimensions. Can someone please explain how to join these two curved lines into an irregular quarter sphere?
curves wont join.skp (77.3 KB)

First, you’ll never get those arcs to form a face because they’re in separate groups, which guarantees they won’t be doing anything together. Also, there are errors with the geometry–intersections that don’t quite intersect. That won’t cut it.

There are a few ways to skin your outline (if it’s all good geometry), and we can pursue that, but first, see if this will work, because it’s much easier than skinning the thing.



Sorry, I thought I had replied to this.

curves wont join.skp (144.5 KB)

I wasn’t able to achieve it, but you can see my end goal that I was trying to achieve with this new upload. It seems like it should be possible somehow.

(I tried deforming the sphere but things didn’t line up with other components.)

Use the Follow Me tool to lathe the shape.
• Watch the video tutorial.
• Then click through the Scenes in this copy of your model.
curves wont join_Fixed.skp (291.4 KB)

Follow Me Tool