Creating a quarter sphere or another object to fill a space


I need to fill a void between to curved surfaces (between the highlighted areas on the first picture) on a mobile phone concept I’m working on. Every way I’ve tried looks messed up. Here are some pictures, hopefully its clear what I want. I’ve used the follow me tool, and it creates extra lines which I do not need, I’ve tried the sandbox (from contours) tool, which clearly doesn’t work either. Is there a way to make it look clean, and flush with the other surfaces?




I’m thinking what you want here is a quarter sphere for this corner. Making a sphere with SU has been well covered here and elsewhere.
Basically you’ll have something like this.

Move the 1/4 sphere into position and get this.

Turn off hidden geometry and you’re done.

If needed lines can be hidden with the eraser while holding the shift key.



I can create a sphere in SU… sortof… but I tried to create even a half sphere, and had problems. Could you link me to a specific tutorial on how to do this? I can’t find anything particularly helpful.


I could do this quicker.



Another way, if you plan ahead:
Draw your front and back
Connect them at one corner with a semicircle
Select the edge of one and use the Follow Me Tool


Thank you @Shep! You’re a lifesaver.


Your method will form a pointed corner not a rounded one.


If you wan to use follow me, you can add a little arc at the corner…


Or create a path using the outside of the object. In all cases, the radius you use to turn the corner must be larger than the radius of the fillet arc, otherwise you will get unclean geometry in the corner. Fredo’s RoundCorner plugin can fillet a 3D object with an uniform radius.



Oh wow! That works well too! Thanks guys! @Cotty