How could a make a realistic shadow on the SketchUp “virtual ground plane”, instead of the solid grey colour


I have a photo matched- background, but i cant make a realistic shadow. but it works in Photoshop, if i export the model. Is it possible in sketchup?

thanks for the help

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Shadows blend with a material only when they fall on a face with that material. Either add a face with texture from the matched photo or edit the colour of your ground plane to be closer to the photomatched background.

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Thanks, i really appreciate your help. How do i do this: “edit the colour of your ground plane to be closer to the photomatched background”?

or should i try to do it in photoshop?

You can edit the background color in the Styles edit panel. Click on the swatch to the right of Background and modify the color. Make sure you update the style after you change the color. Do that by clicking on the style thumbnail in the upper left corner of the Styles panel.
Screenshot - 1_12_2021 , 9_08_36 AM

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In the same dialog as @DaveR showed, you can also edit the ground color.

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That’s how it looks like now. realisitic shadows would be the final step. Can i at least lower the opacity?
Export it to photoshop? …How would you do it? i want to keep these tiles

There’s no control in SketchUp for shadow opacity. You can change how light or dark they are but that’s it. When I want to do the sort of thing you are talking about, I make several image exports, one with textures and maybe edges, shadows off but Use sun for Shading turned on. Then I make another image export using Hidden Line style but with edges turned off, shadows on. Then combine the two images in an image editor. The Shadows layer in the PhotoShop would be set to Multiple and the opacity adjusted to suit.

Another option would be model the floor and background and project the image onto those faces as a texture. Then remove the photo.


Here’s a quickie example. This one simulates three light sources. I warmed up the shadows to give a slight tungsten hue and I applied different amounts of Unfocus Blur to the shadows. Other than cropping to get the final image, I did nothing to the base textured image.

Base image.

Three shadow images:


thats really cool. thanks

I figured it out! Thanks for the help everyone!

What did you figure out?