Sketchup - Shadow Colors Etc

I typically use basic white/gray color scheme in Skp. I saw this image (thumbnail at head of video) in a tutorial by Dave Richards which has “sepia” colored shadows - and would like to reproduce this effect, along with general color/paper effect. Is this easily done? The coloration doesn’t appear in any other part of tutorial nor is there any discussion of producing it. I recall some years ago looking into it and coloring shadows requires plugins or sending to Photoshop etc. Any help appreciated.

That was done in post processing. There’s no way to change Shadow color in SketchUp directly. I started with a simple image export from SketchUp and gave it a little tweaking in an image editor to create the texture and the color.

Thanks for reply. I assume you are author of orig? It looks like something done in PS with Sepia (or sim)Photo Filter potentially.

You could use Tigs Shadow Projector to make geometry shadows and colour them.

Yes. I am. And yes, that’s correct.

Box, thanks. Yea saw a bit about that plugin just before I posted…may look into it. Doing a photo filter in PS is relatively good option it seems like.

Thanks, Very nice look btw.

Thank you.

There’s a link in my profile to an album of SketchUp images. You can see other sorts of post processing there.

Thanks will take a look