Changing Shadow Color



Is there any SketchUp plugin that can manipulate the color of SketchUp’s shade and shadows? Shadow color makes a big difference in our signature rendering style. Currently, in order to change shadow color, we’re exporting scenes from SketchUp and changing shadow color in Photoshop. It would be much cleaner and quicker to tint the shadow directly in SketchUp.

Thanks in advance for any help.


Not that I’ve seen. Theoretically it should be possible to code and has been requested for future updates. Until then, for better or for worse, we have to do it in post-processing (ie Photoshop).


There is no way in SketchUp to change the shadow color at this time. Probably the easiest way to adjust the color at this point is to export a shadows only image, adjust the color and combine it with a normal image export.

Here is an example. The shadow image was created separately from the rest of the image and quickly edited in an image editor to make the shadow color warm.

You could create some custom styles for the different exports to make the setup even quicker.


Another workaround would be to use Tig’s Shadow Projector which will give you geometry that matches the shadows which can be recoloured.


OK, I’ll try “Shadow Projector” since we have similar needs. Thing is, many of the proposed Projects we deal with have an “A” version and a “B” version with different building heights or sizes which require shadow effects comparisons. To be able to select different colors for shadows (i.e. - existing buildings in gray, option A in color 1, option B in color 2) without post image editing would be extremely appreciated !


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