How come Sketchup is auto naming the .skb as a number 1 2 3 ) instead of the same name of the .skp file


How come Sketchup is auto naming the .skb as a number eg 2.skb instead of the same name of the .skp file

Sydney, Australia

Are you saving to a network location, cloud or thumb drive? This is often cause by a slow data connection when the .skb is created and SU effectively forgets what the file is.
Generally this is resolved by keeping your working files on the local drive.

I saved a doc. yesterday night at school and for some reason through Filezila all I see is a .skb version of that drawing and no .skp like all my other docs. I downloaded that .skb document and my sketchup pro 2016 can’t open it. Is there a way i can access to this document?

I use an iMac at home and windows at school.

change the .skb to .skp and it should open on your mac…

but… it may not be your last saved version, it may be one before that last save…

generally, it’s safest to save locally, zip the saved file then save the zip to the could and or email it to yourself…


You say you used Filezilla, which is an FTP app. Did you make sure to tell Filezilla that the file is binary? If not, FTP may have attempted to convert between Windows and Mac text format, which will corrupt the file. SketchUp files are binary, not text.

Ni I have not tell Filezila that it was a binary file but it worked with other .skp file before. I will tell Filezila that though. I have changed in Filezila and not in finder (it was not working) the sky extension for a sip one and it worked BUT the change i have made on the doc last night dont see to appear, like i have not alter anything last night.