How can you disable geographic location?


How can I totally disable Geograhpic location? Often when I hit the space bar, expecting to get the Select arrow, it triggers the geographic location dialog box… and I can’t get rid of that from happening.




It is not something that should need to be manually disabled – new models generally are not geo-located by default. What you experience is related to an unfortunate keyboard preference on OS X (and maybe a design issue in SketchUp, because default focus is better elsewhere than on the geo-location button).


That sounds like you have a shortcut defined for the space bar to open that tool. Please check your shortcuts.


Hit tab 4 times, so space will select Select tool instead of Geo-location. Or disable in Apple via Ctrl-F7, or System Preferences->Accessibility, or learn to look for the little blue halo, indicating what will accept the space bar as input.




Thx… just noticed that the “tab” highlights the blue halo on the tool across the top… which controls the space bar… can I “globally” select that so I don’t have to do it “per job”?

Ctrl-F7 doesn’t seem to do anything, nor can I figure out what to do with the Assessibility choices…



A computer can be controlled by different means (mouse, keyboard, voice/screen reader, eye tracker) – this is managed in accessibility options. When you never use the tab, , , space keys to navigate buttons and forms (but use the mouse instead to click), you probably won’t regret turning keyboard navigation off.


Ah, it’s in System Preferences->Keyboard on the Shortcuts tab in Yosemite. Click on All Controls will give you the blue halo button, or Ctrl-F7 toggles on/off.