How can I select

I have a lot of objects like the attached photo.

Perhaps you can use
Selection Toys | SketchUp Extension Warehouse

However there is no specific thing in it for “same height” or “interior”, but the “Same Direction Faces” in context menu could help a little…


Thank you
“Selection Toys” doesn’t apply to the problem I’m asking.

If you want to delete the interior faces you could use Solid Inspector2…

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A lot depends on what they are and how you created them, I imagine they should be groups or components but that is beside the point.

How did you create the offset and are they all the same, perhaps you just need to think ahead.


Oh great.
You are exactly the way I am asking. I will always try

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Your issue might have been resolved… But, just for fun, I was wondering how this can be realised with Ruby?

So, yes if you select the top faces - like in te animation- and copy-paste code snippets to Ruby console then hit Return…

def keep_interior_faces_selected
  sel = Sketchup.active_model.selection
  faces =sel.grep(Sketchup::Face)
  bad_faces = faces.find_all{|f| f.loops.find{|l| !l.outer?} }
  sel.remove(bad_faces, sel.grep(Sketchup::Edge))

(Click on the picture if not animating)


I can confirm that that works. Nice.


Thank you.
Another great way.

You can use the Toolbar Editor extension to assign button to snippets .

From Sketchucation: Toolbar editor

From Sketchup Extensions Store: Toolbar editor


Hi @dezmo . After using it for a while, I want to fix the script. Hope you support me. 2 script

See this SU file for ideas if you want to practice with native tools.

Opening multiple holes on multiple faces.skp (118.0 KB)

Thank you.

This way you will have to select each face of each object. (Hold shift + click)

It won’t be so fast

My objects will look like image “A”, including confusion. I think the “Rube console” in the above article will do. It needs a little fix.

No, if you read the text objects in my file you will see that it can be done very quickly:

1 - Window select of all the top faces of all objects. One operation.

2 - Press and hold SHIFT key. One operation.

3 - Double click once on the top of each object, not on each face, to deselect the top face outside of all the closed faces. The faces of all object remain selected. One operation per object or 3 operations for 3 objects.

4 - Delete. One operation.

The grand total for this example requires 6 operations.

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i have hundreds of objects, it is not possible to select each object manually


Of course, my method has limitation. For hundreds of objects, a plugin will be more appropriate.


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