How can I save a 2D in a specific size on PC?


I need to save my model in a specific size 3400 x 2200, however on PC everytime I change one area, the other one updates by itself, and I can’t seem to download it exactly the size I need? Are there any other alternatives to use? It seems its a PC thing.

The dimensions are the same aspect ratio as the drawing window. You could resize the window to match the ratio of your desired export but it would be easier to see the larger dimension and let the smaller one be what it will. Then, in an image editor, crop the image to the size you want.

This thing is that I have to match it exactly with another image, and place it on top of it to align. My other image is 3400 x 2200

You should be able to do that in the image editor. Or you can chase around trying to get the window exactly the size you want it.

You should try and use an image editior with a centering algorithm. I was able to get down to abt mil accuracy in post a number of yeras ago even with just old calipter for measurements.

I tried and this is how much off it is. Some lines match but some are way off. And I did use the same exact camera position for my rendered image. Its the lined image that I have to place on top of my rendered image.

if, both images are from SU, as it seems…

just make two scenes in the one file and export both with identical camera settings…


Yes both are from SU.
Hm sorry Im not understanding, how do I make two scenes in one file?

I’m on a mac so it is probably better if our resident wizard @DaveR walks you through it…


How about using this

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