How can I remove triangles from faces in my model?

The diagonal lines are preventing me from importing textures. When I try to put a texture on a face, it only goes into one triangle or half of the face.
Here is my file.
packaging.skp (166.3 KB)

You can hide or soften those edges but they are required to support faces because the bounding edges aren’t coplanar.

Is there a way to import a texture onto both faces if I cannot merge them?

No. Import the texture onto one and the apply the same texture to the neighboring face.

I dont know how you matched it so perfectly.

Did it!

How did you apply the texture to the faces? It looks like you imported it twice. I only imported it once and then sampled it from the first face before applying it to the others.


I went to file, import, then clicked on the a point in the corner. But it looks like you imported in a different way.

File>Import, apply the texture to one face, done.

One more thing. I cannot get this texture to line up with the trapezoid shape.

Here’s the texture. It gets clipped off. No matter how I resize it.

Turn on hidden geometry so you can select just one triangle, right click and choose Texture/Position and adjust it to suit.

That made it worse. Now the jpegs are imported too large. And when I attach it to the face, its extremely close up. Even when I click position. And it still forces me to import it to a triangle.

Have you spent any time learning the Fundamentals of Sketch Up.

Not really. Im learning on the fly. But i managed to figure it out. Felt like playing a puzzle game and I feel it should be simpler to do this.

Its much easier with fixed pins turned off. Thanks for the help.