How can I paint two parts of the same geometry different colors?

Elevator Boarding at an angle 2.skp (2.3 MB)
My rotating elevator is nearly complete (similar to the kind used at St. Louis Gateway Arch, but much bigger and nicer!).
But how do I manage to paint the inside different color from the outside. The outside won’t be visible and can just be steel gray, but the inside has to look nice. But whenever I paint inside, it “bleeds” through to the outside.

Are you painting the face itself (which can have different colours front and back), or the component it is part of? If the latter, it will colour the same inside and out and the same for all constituent faces.

Replied earlier from my phone. This time from computer.

You have coloured the elevator as a whole. I’ve cleared the colour from the component, reversed the front inner face (which was showing blue for a back face), and coloured inside and outside of the constituent FACES red and green - they don’t bleed through.

Elevator Boarding at an angle 2 (1).skp (2.3 MB)

You need to get down to editing the innermost component(s) and apply colour, texture, or image separately to front and back FACES, not to the component.


I’m still trying to do this.
I got as far as highlighting the inner face of the sidewall (what used to be the back wall until I moved the entrance to the side of the elevator) and even made the face a separate component, but it still bleeds through when I color it.
Unfortunately, I can’t upload the .skp to show you as I’ve passed the 3MB limit of SU help forum (I think some bad geometry that I generated when I was trying to unsuccessfully, at first, to punch through a larger doorway has made the file fat. I got rid of some of it, and covered up most of the rest)). I could email it to you offline or we could do another Skype session if you are still willing.

I should be able to call you on Skype shortly but not quite immediately - within next 10-20 mins

OK, I loaded Skype for you.
I seem to be able to color SOME things differently, but some walls still bleed through. Odd…

It’s OK. I really should fix the bad geometry first if I can though. My attempts to punch through the wall to make a larger opening messed things up until I figured out you can’t do that unless the “punch” is not a component.

Internal Elevator Side entered 2.skp (2.0 MB)
Here it is.

Edited version we worked on…
Internal Elevator Side entered 3.skp (1.5 MB)