How do i paint a component different colors



so i have a building that i need to paint and it has 80 floors its a simple model but it tapers from the second floor to the top, and its a whole component how do i paint the different levels if its all a component


There’s not enough information here to understand the problem you are having or to give you useful advice - it depends on how your model has been made. Sounds as if it may all be ‘loose geometry’ collected into one large component, rather than made of components and subcomponents. Modelling that way is hard work, and immensely difficult to edit without wrecking it.

Can you upload the SketchUp model here (if under 3MB) or to Dropbox, the SketchUp 3Dwarehouse, or another file sharing site and provide a link?

Then you may get a useful response.


If you want to paint a large surface with different colors, divide it into separate faces or regions. Then paint each face separately. You can hide the edges between faces if you don’t want them to show. Also, make sure you are painting the faces and not the component wrapper.


Double click your component > Triple click your floor and paint?

Check this article for detailed information about Applying Materials


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