Changing color of entire component

Hello, I have a model coming from AutoCAD that I need to bring into Sketchup. When importing it it comes in as a component with lots of separate pieces. I can figure out how to color each separate piece but I was hoping there was a way to color the entire component so I don’t have to do each one individually.

Test.skp (174.1 KB)

If you select all of the geometry (triple click with Select to select all connected geometry) you can paint it in one click. Well, actually two because the back faces are exposed.

Do you need the thing to be 10 separate components? Or could you explode the sub-components? That would make changing the color easier.

As an alternative you could just edit the existing color if you want.

Strange, when I click three times with the select tool it seems to just select the one piece.
How do I change the existing color?

That’s because you have such deep nesting. Explode all of the inner components. Look at Outliner to see what I mean by nesting.
Screenshot - 5_29_2020 , 10_06_21 AM

I exploded everything but that top level component called test2.dwg before I changed the color.

Awesome, that worked! Thank you.