How can I model a single hung window with a 3x3 grid on the top and 3x2 grid on the bottom?

My window looks like this:

Question #1

How best can I model the grid on this window in Medeek Wall? I poked around and was not able to.

Question #2

There is a duplicate window to the left of this one, and they share a stool inside.

On the outside, the exterior trims (1x4s all the way around each) are technically separate, but they touch, with no siding in between.

My question is, will it be easier to model a single Twin Single Hung window? Or just create two windows and manually merge the interior trim pieces?

Thanks to Medeek for the brilliant extension, I’m very impressed with it.

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I find it’s always easier to just start modeling instead of wondering too much about what would be the perfect approach. Afterwards you might find the better way, and then do it again:-)

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I would suggest using dynamic components from the 3D Warehouse. Just put them next to each other and I wouldn’t worry about the stool.

The Marvin Double Hung window can be changed to whatever dimensions and number of panes you need. Just change the options after inserting it into the model.


There are other dynamic window components in the warehouse as well.

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I use Marvin windows a lot in my projects, and the dynamic components in 3D Warehouse have been very helpful many times. The top example in @DanRathbun’s post is often called a “cottage window”, and I think your photo is then sometimes referred to as a “reverse cottage.” Such names can be very regional, however.

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