How do I modify this 3D Warehouse Window?

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Thought it relative, combining to connected……

Post a link to the 3D Warehouse window model in question.
Then, we (the forum) can help you sort the issue.


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Modifying a Dbl Hung Window…for accuracy and other problems.WindowGarage.skp (175.8 KB)
Deleted the frame and trim and modeled over the sashes. But the lower sash is a component and will not follow with the group to place in my model. Cannot straighten axis to place in an elevation opening.
Have deleted lower sash. All sorts of hidden entities but during deconstruction found numerous short bits of lines that would not allow modelling to reconstruct my configuration.

Learned a lot but very time consuming…thought that i could save time…but…

Newbie alert…

Start over?

Not the one you’ve made into a puzzle.


After a bit of sleuthing with @AeriliusAttribute Inspector plugin, I find the original author of the window model is SketchUp.

However, you downloaded a version of the window that was ‘reworked’ by another author … xogirlsecretxo

Below is the original model authored by SketchUp.
The bottom sash is a sub-component so one can move it without altering the surrounding geometry.

Notice the description says…

“Operable wooden double-hung window with mullion divisions, select lower inner frame and move vertically to open.”

Delete the window you’re having trouble with and purge the file.
Then download the original version by SketchUp and save it to disc.
And then import it into your model.

Double-hung window 35 in. x 46 in. with mullions by SketchUp

Some other suggestions ref your post;
Remove Avatar not needed;
Move model to orgin, not absolutely reqd;
Only component in model is lower lite. As minimum make the upper lite and frame components;
Use entity info to assign each components to their individual layers. You can turn WindowGarage_A.skp (75.8 KB)
layers on /off to help you work on others;
The top lite needs to have its top rail closed;
There are some extraneous edges to remove and reverse faces needing correction

Thanks for the help and in the process learned a lot so all was not in vain.

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