How can I merge entities in Outliner?

Hello! Is there a way to merge groups in Outliner? I believe I added a new nested layer by accident…? I’m bad with terminology, but I’m learning! I want to merge the two groups to the group. Is this possible? See attached image. Thank you!!!
Screenshot 2024-04-14 010617

You could select both groups and then, using right click, select Explode. The components in each group will be selected when you do that. Right click again and use Make Group.

You can move groups or components within outliner, open/close the group to access by left click the arrow icon, select with left button and hold the square icon of the group you wish to move then place just below/on the group or component in which to place (line and + will appear)

If you only added an unneeded level of nesting, exploding it would remove it.

Thank you so much! This worked!

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