Why can't you have a group of only one entity?

I know, but don’t tell me a “group” implies more than “one”.

My use case is I’ve imported an image to scale and trace dimensions and create some geometry from. In this particular case it is an image with proposed metal building structures, but It could be any image.

The image is considered by sketchup to be a single entity. I cannot make it into a group. I can assign it a tag. I was able to create a group by adding a short edge to the image border, giving me two entities that could be made into a group. This seems silly.

What I want to wind up with is a group with subgroups containing the image along with sub groups containing my measurements and geometries, that I can use the outliner to manage visibility and organization.

This leads to another issue. Why can’t the outliner show and manage entities? yes I know you could have large numbers of entities and that presents a list display management problem. Other software lets you see the base level entities in some type of UI similar to outliner. I’ve looked for extensions that will do this but can’t find any.

Also the outliner would let me move my EndImage into another group but not move it out to the top level. I could only move it to another group. I got crossed up and at one point had my EndImage as a subgroup to my EndImageMeasurements group. I had to unwind (Explode) and then reselect and re-group to get the hierarchy that I wanted.

It is 2021 and software that aspires to manage and do big things should have organizer tools that let you do this easily. The outliner as it stands today needs some work.

One option is to right-click somewhere and choose Make Group. Then drag the image from your desktop to SketchUp. You then have the image inside a group.