How can I make this in Sketchup?

Hi, I’m trying to make something like shown in photo. I’m beginner and couldn’t find any easy method. Are there any easy way for that?

Thanks very much…

If, as I suspect, you are concerned with the look as opposed to the details of the surface topography, you can take an image of the object and apply it as a texture material to a rectangular face.

but there is lighting under the red surface, how can i cut the details for seeing lights?

Then you will have to draw the cutouts on the surface. You may be able to use SU’s native arc and line tools, or the freehand line tool.

For more elaborate curves, there are plugins to draw Bezier curves and related curve types. Search the SketchUp Extension Warehouse or Sketchucation plugin store for ‘Bezier’.

Once you have the cutouts drawn, use PushPull to give the face thickness.

Understood, thanks very much…

Forgot to say: you can import the image, then create a face over it, and draw on the face while viewing the image. You could apply a translucent material to the face, to let you see the image behind it.