How can I make a wavy line?

Does LayOut have the ability to make a wavy (squiggly) line?

Do you have an example of what you want the line to look like? You can draw curves and could make a wavy line. Or maybe you would model them in SketchUp, insert into LayOut, and explode the viewport. Make sure you render in Vector model so you wind up with LayOut drawing entities.

Here are a couple of wavy lines I drew in LayOut.

Yes like that but more symmetrical. I wanted to make a line that was x’ wide and to that I need to apply a wave effect. I guess I can’t do that in LayOut the same way I can in Adobe Illustrator. That sux.

You can make symmetrical wavy lines in LayOut, too. Since you didn’t specify what you want, I just made up a couple on the fly.

Ok thank you.