Help making wavy slide?

I want to make a slide like this in sketchup but the bendy line tool isn’t so great.

Also how do I model rope? Thanks.

Hi Finn , you could use the soap skin and bubble plug in here for this

Do you mean a spiral rope , or general representation ?
here is a file done by taff Bowline • 3-Strand Rope • Construction | 3D Warehouse<img
These are of a yacht line is this the sort of thing ? Or both
src=“/uploads/default/978/83e188fd95fae40f.jpg” width=“690” height=“363”>


The slide seems like a pretty good application for the standard Sandbox Tools. I did this using From Scratch and Smoove in a couple of minutes:


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Used plugins:

  • Weld (TIG)
  • FredoScale (Fredo6)
  • Extrude Edge By Rails (TIG)
  • Joint Push Pull (Fredo6)

I want the rope like the link you posted but when I download it’s just as it is, I want to apply it to my design?

I have none of those plugins, can you send me the file?

I clicked all of the sandbox tools but none of them did anything, please show me a small video or something

Why don’t you show yourself a small video?

You’ve gotten a few pretty good tips, here, Finn, but there comes a time when you’ve got to start exercising a little initiative. You can find extensions in the Extension Warehouse. You can look up how to use the Sandbox Tools in the Knowledge Base. You can find hundreds of SketchUp videos on YouTube.

Now you need to take the leads you’ve gotten and start tracking them down.


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You just posted a picture of the slide I wanted to create and didn’t tell me how to, I only ask for the rope and slide here because I cannot find them…

Can you help me instead of just assuming that I know everything? Cheers

Have you ever tried to find them?

As suggeste by @Gully_Foyle, you should try to solve this task without plugins first and don’t use the plugins before you are aware of the basics!