How do I make rope?

I want to make rope, like the traditional brown coloured rope, how would I go about doing this?


There are many different techniques to making rope. Are you looking for something static (a stationary shape), or something that can be moved, bent, and manipulated?


Also, what level of detail? Do you need a simple representational rope model, or something more detailed?

It needs to be able to be modelled to fit my design , doesn’t need a lot of detail just needs to be identifiable as rope.

Doesn’t need to be a high level of detail.

How is the rope to appear in your model. Draped, coiled, pulled straight? what?
Search the warehouse for “rope” and several examples come up from coiled to straight. Rope swings, man pulling rope, etc. It may be a good starting point. Hope this helps.


Just a few more clarification questions, if that’s the case.

-Will you be rendering, or will it stay in a standard 3D view?

  • Does it need to have any ‘texture’ to identify it as rope, or will an elongated cylinder (snake) work?
    -Will it be in a coil or stretched?

If it’s coiled, a spiral extension/plug-in will be your best bet. Then you can make a circle at one end, and use the follow along path tool to complete your rope. otherwise, use a line/curve tool to make the shape you want and follow the same procedure.

I found a pretty cool multi-strand rope tutorial here:

Hope this helps.


The first place will be to put rope between wooden sticks:

the second will be a scramble net.

Use the extension Wire Tool to form the catenary curve between posts. It doesn’t look like you would benefit from a high-poly rope detail so just extrude a low-segmented circle with the Follow Me tool. A plugin like TubeAlongPath or PipeAlongPath makes the circle extruding job easier (set inner radius to 0.).

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It won’t let me download it, it gives me an error.

What are you trying to download and how are you downloading? There are several ways to download and install plugins.

If you trying to install Wire Tool, try getting it from inside SU. Go to Window > Extension Warehouse. Logon and install and manage extensions added to that site that way.

The most recent version of PipeAlongPath is a RBZ file. To install those, download the plugin, then inside SU, go to Window > Preferences > Extensions and click on the Install Extension button. it’s not there, here is the error I get when I try and install it from the website:

The Extension Warehouse is relatively new, starting with SU13. Older versions of SU will not have that option in the menu.

Try a different browser to download Wire Tools. I just downloaded it using Chrome. It will be a RBZ file. It is a ZiP file. Install that through Window > Preferences > Extensions. Click the Install extension button and follow the prompts. It will unzip the content in the correct location and load the plugin. It will be listed in the Plugin menu as Draw Wires.

I noticed you don’t have a Plugin menu. That will appear to the right of the Window menu after you start adding plugins. Look in Window > Preferences > Extensions. You can click on existing extensions you may have to enable them. The enabled plugins can appear in any menu, though most live under the Plugin menu.

Thanks man, i appreciate the help

Here is TubeAlongPath. It is a RB file. That you have to place in Program’s Plugin directory and restart SU to load (now SU14 has a different location. Look up information on the SU Knowledge Base when you upgrade.) It will be found under the Plugin menu. Preselect the curves then select the plugin to extrude. To get the latest version of PipeAlongPath, go to the Sketchucation site and join as a free member. Downloading will then be available. That version of the plugin is a RBZ file. It works like TubeAlongPath.

I found that using together BezierSpline plugin ( ) and TubeAlongPath plugin ( ) gives good results.

You might want to try the new Ropefall plugin:

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