Make a wavy circular shape

I would like to make a wavy circular shape, but I dont know how to do it, can you help me?



are the corrugations parallel or do they taper to the center? and is it needed to be flat or conical?

Is this close to what you’re after?

You could use subdivide. I made a radial array of components as the proxy, then subdivided it with Artisan. I used vector push pull to give it thickness.


Not sure of the exact shape you want but these show ways to approach maybe?

The first flat one is an extruded profile which is then bent using Fredo’s radial bend tool.

The other is derived from a truncated cone shape. Push/pulled adjacent faces (only two required) onto which your radial profile can be drawn. As its a simple shape, those lines can be manually drawn to complete the faces in the curve. Once you have those they can be copied around the center point. The thickness (if needed) was done using Fredo’s J push pull tool.
Some of this could be done with lofting tools too, but probably not needed.
Sub D could be applied too.


very close but more wavy

It’s exactly that!

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I like the 2nd way, I will try it!

I succeeded,thx


Nice… also you can ctrl/shft click with the eraser tool to remove those join lines too…if the smoothing doesn’t eliminate them. BTW Nice set of models you have made in the wharehouse,

it’s not necessary to remove the line, I needed it to make a face insertion on another model.
thank you for your opinion on my warhouse, its cool ; )

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@RedC130, did you end up using some extension?, which one?

I’m not sure if this looks the same but I didn’t use any extension or plugin and it was fast.


What you came up with doesn’t look anything like the object you showed as an example. What you drew could be easily created with native tools.

sorry if i was not very precise, i just wanted a wavy circular shape to make a face insertion.

no I am not used extension.

Yes, this is another option, extruding the shape and shrinking the top, and very straightforward but the ends aren’t square to the slope, which is what I thought was needed. It’s hard to know the best solution without knowing exactly what it’s for.
However, I think any solution is a worthwhile contribution as it might apply to someone else’s needs.

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