How can I find my objects in SketchUp Viewer iOS directly?

I wanna know where I can find my objects in this app.
I have same account in PC web & iPad, but I dont know how I can connect them.
There is nothing in Cloud(Trimble connet).
Pls help!

Have you saved any models from PC to your Trimble Connect account?

Have to save them in my PC? I saved them in web(chrome).


Or… Can I know where it is saved in my PC?

And cannot see anything in trimble connect in my app like this…

Do you use the same email address and login procedure?
(Eg. If you use the google sign in or Apple ID in the browser , you need to do the same on your mobile device.
Note that there was an option to ‘hide your email’ with the Apple sign in, which leads to a creation of another email address.

Sure, I’m using same email address(Gmail).

Or… Free user cannot use this?

What version are you using? (info: about)

Viewer version is 5.4.5 (441)