How can I fillup an hole?

Good day,

I have a simple question. I need to fill up the central hole

With the line tool, I draw a line and it filled up my face. Nice!

Then I rotated the part, and with the push/pull tool, I pulled down the new face, nice.

But then when I rotated back, I observed that the face was moved down, instead of pulled

Then, I did something wrong. I come back to my first step and I tried to Intsert Face with selection without success.

I wonder how I can fillup that hole for my top cup.

Many thanks

Observe what SU is telling you in the Status Bar, just below the Drawing window. It mentions “Option” (on Mac) and “Ctrl”, I think, (on Windows), followed by “Create new starting face”. This functionality leaves a face at its original position when pushing or pulling.

Great, thanks a lot!

One of the simplest ways it to soften the edges so it is one face, double click and delete.
Fill hole


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