How can I duplicate Scene parameters at multiple locations?

Hello all,

I need your advice on how to duplicate Scene parameters at different locations within a model. I’ve been modeling different construction details but need to show the same perspective view (Scene) for different construction conditions of the same assembly. So what I’ve been doing is modeling a vignette then copying the assembly to a different location (say 50 feet away in the Green Axis) wherein I make changes accordingly. At this copied vignette I’d like to have the same exact view as the original so that I can save it as a new Scene. I hope that makes sense.

I tried messing around with the Advanced Camera Tools but couldn’t get the desired results. Or if there isn’t a way of natively doing this within SU perhaps you could suggest an extension that can do this. Thanks for your input.

I’d have done this differently and grouped the first “vignette” and assigned a tag/layer to it. Then make the next vignette in the exact same location and assign another tag/layer to that one. Then you can switch which one is shown for each scene. Just leave the camera in the same position for each one.

At this point you could do essentially the same with the tags/layers and move the vignettes so they are in the same location in the model.

If there are objects that are common to all of the scenes, they could be assigned tags/layers such that they are left visible in each scene. that would help to keep file bloat at bay.

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Thanks for the quick reply, Dave.

I thought of that but I think it would become cumbersome to manage tags and number of different assemblies, components, etc., with dozens of different conditions.

I should clarify that my ultimate objective is to reference the SU model with all these construction detail vignettes into LO and be able to re-use my LO template with notes, keynotes, dimensions, etc., without having to do too much editing to each particular detail drawing except as needed

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You can try if Eneroth Relative Camera works for you.

Wow! You’re awesome – this is exactly what I need.
Here’s a sample of what I needed it for:


D.Bur’s “scene tools”.

Its very easy:

  1. Select the scene you want to make other scenes to match.
  2. In the scene manager highlight this same scene, then select all the scenes you want to be the same (Shift for multiple Cntl for individual)
  3. deselect the "“Camera Location” in the properties to save area, then reselect the camera location

Now all the scenes you selected will match the scene you originally selected. This works great for alignment of stacked viewports and details where you want the perspective to be consistent. Also you can do this with any of the parameters in the Properties to be saved.