Multiple Scenes : Same Camera View - Same Scales

Hi! I am trying to make all my scenes to have the same camera view and the same scale layout. I am having hard time to do it manually and not getting the same result. Is there any command wherein I can use and to avoid doing it manually? (Zoom in - Zoom Out, turning the camera left and right). If there will be small video clip on how to do it, will be helpful.

How are you using the scenes? Is this for elevations to use in LayOut, for example?

I’m using it for Section Details. Please find the two shots, they are in the same file. Scene 1 and Scene 2. I tried to make them similar.

If you are in LayOut, you can have the same viewport and then turn on/off elements assigned to different Tags (1)

I typically don’t use different scenes rather…group and tag different elements: for example your section 1 and section 2 models. Place them in the same location, ie on top of one another…then in LayOut, the first scene, or duplicate the page and it will copy everything. Then use the Tag override feature in LayOut to toggle on/off the various section models.

Thanks for the quick response guys, really appreciate it. My problem is that I made a Multiple Scenes.
And because I am trying to match the AutoCAD section details and making it in 3D perspective.

Eneroth Relative Camera

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If all details have a common element, you can create an “advance camera tool” camera on one detail and then copy it (move tool’s “Stamp” option) using the common element as reference. Right click on each camera and select “Look Through Camera” and create your scene.


Thanks for the quick responses. I will have a try and see for it. Thanks again!

Similarly, you can find your initial view and then …

  1. Copy this ruby code and paste it in to the Extensions>Developer>Ruby Dialog. Enter/Return to generate an edge representing the camera eye-target vector.
view = Sketchup.active_model.active_view
camera =
target =
eye = camera.eye
model = Sketchup.active_model
entities = model.active_entities
line = entities.add_line(eye,target)
  1. Copy this new edge using the move-stamp and a reference.
  2. Now click and drag the camera tool along this edge to get to the exact camera orientation. Create your scene after setting the camera.
  3. Delete the edges when you are finished
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Which one did you go with?

I made each view a specific line wherein I can position the camera. Like if I need ISO, Front, Under Window details, etc… So they will have the same distance and angles.


This one is handy. If I recall correctly it is from Nick Sonder.

  1. Go through all the scenes you want to have share the same camera location and uncheck camera location.
  2. Then select the scene that has the desired camera location, hold Shift and highlight the scenes you want to match.
  3. Check Camera Location and like magic all the scenes share the same camera location.

To get the LayOut windows to match model location just do a copy/paste operation. Then select the proper Sketchup scene for each window. Be careful to not make the model live in the LayOut window (or viewport, I guess) or everything goes to hell toot sweet.


Thank you guys for all your comments and advice!

That is a great tip but unfortunately, I do not think this will work. Since all of denszel’s details are set up adjacent to each other in one model, he can not have the camera in the same model location for every scene… which this technique helps a user to do quickly. Instead, the cameras need to have the same location/orientation relative to the detail and not the model.

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Hi Chris!, the Position Camera really solved my problem. I made a template for each position which I am using for every details.

Nice! :palm_down_hand: :microphone: + :droplet:

You are correct. I did misunderstand the question. It is always interesting how there are multiple paths to the same in end. It appears that he is showing the same extrusion combined with different building elements in multiple detail views in Layout. After years of working with LayOut and SketchUp I would probably have set up a single model with the extrusion, and one camera location copied to multiple scenes in SketchUp, and then added the various building elements as components or groups to control visibility with Tags in each scene. Then set up one viewport in layout, adjust the view until satisfied, and then copy and past the viewport as much as needed. There is no right or wrong here, that would just be the most efficient approach for me. The learning curve is infinite, apparently.