3D element from Sketchup in LayOut in different sizes

I have a SketchUp file with multiple elements, all approximately the same size. I have exported these as different scenes in LayOut. As far as I can see, all the parameters are the same: camera position, projection, scale… But two of the pages with the imported scenes are much smaller than the others. Since I want a perspective view, I cannot switch to “ortho” under “camera” as it would immediately switch to parallel perspective.

Am I missing a setting?

I have attached screenshots. Number 1 is as it should be, and number 2 is the element that is too small.


If you are using tags you can set the scenes up in SketchUp with exactly the same camera position for each object. Put the objects on separate tags and put them all in the same position. Turn off the tags you don’t want and save new scenes as needed.

How would scale work (reliably) in a perspective view?

Thanks for the quick answer!

Aren’t tags rather there so that I can hide components that are not needed? Because that’s not my problem. It’s really just about the size. In Sketchup, however, I have already saved the same positions and scenes everywhere. They all look the same there.

I have just tried to place the elements on different tags. However, this does not make my views any bigger after updating the reference in Layout. Could it be something else?

Without seeing the Layout file it is hard to know.

The point of using the tags was to try and force you to use the exact same camera position for each object - but change what is visible in the scene by using the tags.

What happens when you select the sketchup model view in LayOut - can you reset the view?

Did you copy the viewport from page to page? Or did you duplicate the page and then change the scene in the view?

In the sketchup view pallet is there a lock on resizing the view?

Post your file here and someone might be able to look at it and figure it out.

ok, thanks for the info. it’s not 100% perfect yet, but I just resized it a bit in the Sketchup model view in LayOut now.