Duplicating a page in LO does not preserve camera if scene is changed

I am trying to create a Layout document with each page corresponding to a different saved scene in my Sketchup model. The scenes all share the same camera position, view and zoom. I can create a viewport on a fresh LO page, select my scale (which I want to preserve across all pages) and modify the view to the portion of the scene I want to show at my desired scale. However, if I duplicate the page and then change to a different scene, the modified camera position isn’t preserved. How can I save the modified position so I can use it on multiple pages?

Don’t modify the view in LayOut. You need to set the views as scenes in SketchUp and not modify them in LO. By modifying them in LO you break the link to the original scene. And when you select a different scene for the viewport, you are changing to the camera position that was active when you created the scene.

Thanks Dave, that’s the answer I was afraid of.
It seems a travesty to pollute my model with scene after scene that’s only used for a 2D rendering, but there we are.

What a strange attitude about the use of SketchUp and LayOut. Perhaps you aren’t real clear on how they work together.

Well, we expect either Word or Excel to just work - with or without a detailed knowledge of the other - don’t we? So that’s the natural expectation, not the other way around.

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