How can I download as SketchUp 2014 Model as the version of the model from Trimble 3D Warehouse?

I’m using SMART Notebook and I wanna use Trimble 3D Models but SMART Notebook doesn’t accept models that are a newer model than 2014. When I try to download a model in Trimble, it only gives options to download from 2019 to 2022. Is there an option where I can download as SketchUp 2014 Model?

In SMART Notebook it says like this:

“To use a model from Trimble 3D Warehouse, download a select SketchUp 2014 Model as the version of the model and then insert the model in SMART Notebook software.”

You would need to get SketchUp Pro so you can download the files and back save them to version 2014.

But when I import a 2019 or newer version that I downloaded from 3D Warehouse it says you need a newer version and the 3D Warehouse for SketchUp 2014 Pro is no longer available!! I don’t know how to download and save the version as 2014 version

3D Warehouse only supports the last few versions of SketchUp. As Dave said, in order to save back to 2014, you would need to download a newer version of the model in SketchUp Pro, then save it back to 2014.

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I was referring to the current version of SketchUp Pro.

Is there a newer version of the Smart Notebook software that will import newer versions of SketchUp files?

For what do you use Smart Notebook and SketchUp components?

Yeah my bad, I used the SketchUp Pro 2014. This is the newest version of SMART Notebook but I think they forgot about the 3D Modeling and didn’t update at all.

I connect SMART Notebook in my laptop with a SMART Board GX and use it for educational purposes the most. And I saw the option to import 3D Models of architectural buildings and other models and it was fascinating to look at the buildings from every perspective. But, I’ll look later maybe to improve to SketchUp Pro

Thanks a lot btw :slight_smile:

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Does the smart notebook/smart board combination work with web pages?
If so you may find you can run the web version of sketchup which will open new models.
See if you can open Trimble Identity on the smartboard.
Or even open models directly in the warehouse.

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Actually that’s a really good idea. The SMART Board uses Android 8 Operative System but I can connect it with my laptop and it works in my laptop.

I contacted SMART Notebook Support and I’ll see if they will give me a solution. But, also this a very good idea. Thank you!

I googled the system to understand your question and now I want one.