How can I do a Mesh like this?


Hi ~
Here is the mesh i have been trying to do.

I have tried to two ways, but none of them look great or even right.

I need help on this one. thank you~


@sdmitch might have a possible workflow
See this thread:
Add Components to nodes (Create Structure Details)


Thank you for giving the thread of the joint way. while i am struggling is about how to make lattice on a curve surface. i have tried two ways. But none of them appear good or even right.


here is the two ways i have tried to make a lattice on a curve surface, while i believe there must be a better way.


Would Sculptris work?

Step 1: Subdivide mesh

Step 2: Export .obj & Import into Scultris
Step 3: Turn detail slider all the way down, so Sculptris doesn’t break the mesh.

Step 4: Sculpt

Step 5: Import .obj into SketchUp

If you want me to elaborate on any of the steps, then just let me know.

P.S. If anyone uses SketchUp Make, you can use Blender to convert .dae to .obj

Here’s a mesh I modeled with that technique. Thanks to Darrel Smith for the palm trees and Eduardo B. for the 3D woman on the 3D Warehouse. Also, the textures are from

A couple other options are Flowify & Shape Bender.


Thanks for sharing a new thread. Happy to know Sculptris. it is a easy way to make relax structures. My one seems need more accuracy based on architecture. Fist i get a curve surface , Second i need a lattice fit it perfectly.


@wy2005, see if TrueBend will help you.