Create a Manifold Solid from Blender Mesh Surface

Ii want to create a parametric wall art out of Plywood. Using the Slicer tool this seems to be a dueable task.

So I made a Mesh Surface in Blender using z function surface.

I can export it as a dae or stl file and import it again in sketchup. So far no Problem.
When I try to a the skirt to create a volume, I can draw the lines, but it will not become an area.


I tried the addons mentioned in this topic

none of them work.

Any suggestions?

Couldn’t you do the extrusion to get the flat bottom in Blender before you export to SketchUp? I’ve used Joint Push pull to do something similar to what you’re trying, but doing it natively in Blender seems like it would make more sense

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I treid to do so in blender, but couldn’t figure out how to make the flat bottom. And with Joint push pull i only can give it thickness, but not a flat bottom.

In Blender


@mihai.s - Beat me to it! ;p

In SketchUp with JPP


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Yes in blender, i ca’t make a flat bottom

Share the .skp or.stl file so we can see what you’ve got.

And did you watch the animated gif where I showed you the steps to follow, including the keys to press?

  • Select the border edges
  • Extrude it (E). Hit Z to lock the move on Z axis
  • Scale it (S). Again, hit Z to lock the move on Z axis and type 0 (zero) to flat it.
    It’s all on the GIF.

Here is the stl from the surface

3drops_stl.stl (6.2 MB)

Just came home from work, just searching jpp and trying.

And thx for the help so far to all of you

I had no problem creating a flat bottom 3D shape from your .stl file. Did you open the component for editing in SketchUp before trying to draw in the edges?

No extensions required and it’s a solid component.

Eneroth Terrain Volume seemed to work easily enough for me.

Ohhh I feel so ashamed to say … no I hadn’t. And that as my BIG mistake. It works fine now.

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Very nice tool thx for mentioning.