Add Components to nodes (Create Structure Details)

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There is a way to model Structural detail with any plugins that make possibility to add different direction joints on any lattice structure form?

Take a look at Profile Builder. I am not sure if it helps with your model but I have seen it used when modelling lattice trusses, for instance.

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This may be a solution but I would prefer testing on your model. Also, what are the size specs for the connectors?
Add Comp to Node


So much thank dear sdmitch.

Thanks for the specs. How about a model I can test on.

Lattice.skp (589.2 KB)
Here is Model.

Thanks. As I suspected, my test model was much to simple. I will need to rethink a few things.

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I have sent you a file attached to a message.

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Thanks a lot. :slight_smile:

Can we see a screenshot of a close up of the result of that plugin, how it performs on your model?

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Of course


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