How can I display edges of angled and overlapping geometry?


I’ve drawn a house with roofs that meet and/or overlap under different angles. In Sketchup, Styles-section, I have configured the edge settings to Color: ‘by material’ and the face settings to: ‘display in hidden line mode’. In 3D-view, everything is peachy, but in plain orthogonal views, lines get interrupted:

In addition: where there are multiple lines above each other, the lines are rendered slightly thicker, will this also be the result when exporting to Layout?

Is there any way to configure Sketchup to display the full line for those edges?

Thanks, cheers, Igor.

Share the .skp file so we can see exactly what you’ve got in your model.

BTW, there is no “Free Plan” of SketchUp 2023 as you put in your forum profile. Please correct it.

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During sign-up, it seemed to me that I needed to choose a plan for the forum… Changed my profile!

Yes. So if you have the Pro plan that’s the one to choose.


Now, what about your .skp file?

Have to clean it up to remove customer information… Will upload later!

Are you modeling an actual 3D model? It doesn’t exactly seem like you are. Can you show us a 3D view?

3D view:

While preparing my .skp file for upload, I found why those lines were not displaying properly: it’s all about the zoom-level! When I zoomed in on the model, the lines appeared properly!

Thanks for your support! Cheers, Igor