How can i create Ibis hotel logo extrude

Hi experts, i’m trying to make ibis hotel logo extrude, but i couldnt make it :frowning:
Somebody help me about following logo? How can i create it?
Also i uploaded my ibis sketchup file. sizes should be like that. And height has to be 14cm.

Thank you very much

ibis.skp (190.4 KB)

ibis-SU2017.skp (815.0 KB) (the model has been enlarged 1000x)
With: 3D Text tool, Soap Skin & Bubble, Sandbox > Drape, Joint Push Pull Interactive

thank you dear, but this is not match with my request. extrude should be like following :frowning:

texts are not important. i need just puffed model. please refer above logo. it should be exactly same.
thank you

You can do it yourself as @mihai.s showed.

I’m trying it over 5-6 hour. i couldnt. So i’m here.

Use Curviloft


thank you so much. this is exactly what i want

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