Shell Design. Need help in making this in software

Hi community. I’m in need of help in creating this in sketchup. I drew up the dimensions.

Upload the SKP file of what you have thus far.
Then, clearly describe what you’re trying to model and the particular difficulty you’ve encountered.

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What is it you are asking? Do you want somebody to walk you step-by-step through the entire construction process? That’s not going to happen.

Ask a specific question and you’ll get a specific answer. Got another question? Ten more? That’s fine: ask them one at a time and we’ll answer them the same way. Showing us a doodle and saying you need help with it tells us nothing about your problem and leaves us no way to offer help.


Can I hire someone by the hour to help me create this? Please email me at Thank you.

I am reading through this
I am still searching where and how to upload an SKP file
(by the way my files are called SKB does that work also?)
Is the SKB because it is the old free version?
I see the little upload button here on top
is that the one (7th) from the left