Aluminum extrusion required


I’m designing a 3D printer that will be mainly built around 20mm x 20mm aluminium extrusion. Does anybody know of an extension that will produce that ? I’ve found loads of steel shapes tools tha t produce channel and H girder but none of these are suitable for my application.



You don’t need a plugin for this, only:

  • tape measure tool
  • circle tool
  • line tool
  • rotate tool
  • eraser tool
  • push pull tool

Edit: changed animation…


As Cotty says, you don’t need an extension to make an extrusion like this. If you do, you probably shouldn’t be trying to draw a 3d printer. As he shows, it is easily drawn with just the native tools. alternatively, if you search the 3D Warehouse for 8020, I think you’ll turn up a variety of extrusions already made.


Just drawing by numbers…
The material thicknesses might be inaccurate, but you are going to use ready-made connectors anyway so they don’t IMO really matter.
alu20x20.skp (111.5 KB)


Thanks to all for replying, as you can guess I’m a newbie. I would never have thought about using my image as a stencil, I just copied that from Google images simply to illustrate what I was intending using, “tracing” over it is perfect,thank you :blush: you made an old man (literally) very happy.


I’m new to SketchUp. I’m impressed with the level of expertise.
Some day I to will become a SketchUp God.