How can I array multiple different components along a path?

How can I array multiple different components along a path? I don’t want to copy one component along the path, but a series of different ones. I’ve tried flowify but it distorts the components (unless there’s an option I’m missing?).


Array multiple components along path

Thanks Mihai. I’ve seen this, but the plugin is not available. Any idea where to find it?

Unfortunately the author has withdrawn most of his extensions including this one.

Are you wanting a repeated series of components as in A-B-C or do you want them randomly distributed?

You’re welcome!

JHS Powerbar extension (in SketchUp 2022)

Thanks again!

This does have the component string tool. I’ve been playing around with it now, and I can’t figure out how to dictate the sequence of the components. Even in sequence mode it will randomise the sequence before repeating the sequence over again (as opposed to random mode, which is completely random over the whole length of the path). I have a specefic order that I want them to follow. Changing the definition/instance names to a sequence doesn’t seem to help.

Hi Dave,

I would like to place a specific squence along the path (A-B-C etc), no repeats. 60 objects, each unique. The component string tool on the JHS Powerbar actually randomises, even in sequence mode, so almost, but not quite what I need. Are there any other ways to do it do you think?

Check Profile Builder extension